Class: Listing


A class representing a list of content. This is a subclass of the native Array object, so it has all the properties of an Array (length, forEach, etc.) in addition to some added methods. The Listing can be extended by using the #fetchMore() and #fetchAll() functions. Note that these methods return new Listings, rather than mutating the original Listing.

Most methods that return Listings will also accept limit, after, before, show, and count properties.

If you've used the reddit API before (or used other API wrappers like PRAW), you might know that reddit uses a MoreComments object in its raw JSON responses, representing comments that have been stubbed out of Listings. In snoowrap, there are no exposed MoreComments objects; the objects returned by the reddit API are stripped from Listings and are used internally as sources for the fetchMore functions. This means that in snoowrap, Listings that contain Comments can be used/expanded in the same manner as Listings that don't contain Comments, and for the most part you don't have to worry about the distinction.

(Incidentally, if you encounter a Listing that does contain a MoreComments object then it's a bug, so please report it.)

new Listing()


  • Array


isFinished :boolean

A getter that indicates whether this Listing has any more items to fetch.

  • boolean



Fetches some more items

Name Type Description
options object
Name Type Argument Default Description
amount number

The number of items to fetch.

skipReplies boolean <optional>

For a Listing that contains comment objects on a Submission, this option can be used to save a few API calls, provided that only top-level comments are being examined. If this is set to true, snoowrap is able to fetch 100 Comments per API call rather than 20, but all returned Comments will have no fetched replies by default.

Internal details: When skipReplies is set to true, snoowrap uses reddit's api/info endpoint to fetch Comments. When skipReplies is set to false, snoowrap uses reddit's api/morechildren endpoint. It's worth noting that reddit does not allow concurrent requests to the api/morechildren endpoint by the same account.

append boolean <optional>

If true, the resulting Listing will contain the existing elements in addition to the newly-fetched elements. If false, the resulting Listing will only contain the newly-fetched elements.


A new Listing containing the newly-fetched elements. If options.append is true, the new Listing will also contain all elements that were in the original Listing. Under most circumstances, the newly-fetched elements will appear at the end of the new Listing. However, if reverse pagination is enabled (i.e. if this Listing was created with a before query parameter), then the newly-fetched elements will appear at the beginning. In any case, continuity is maintained, i.e. the order of items in the Listing will be the same as the order in which they appear on reddit.

r.getHot({limit: 25}).then(myListing => {
  console.log(myListing.length); // => 25
  myListing.fetchMore({amount: 10}).then(extendedListing => {
    console.log(extendedListing.length); // => 35

fetchAll( [options])

Fetches all of the items in this Listing, only stopping when there are none left.

Name Type Argument Description
options object <optional>

Fetching options -- see Listing#fetchMore


A new fully-fetched Listing. Keep in mind that this method has the potential to exhaust your ratelimit quickly if the Listing doesn't have a clear end (e.g. with posts on the front page), so use it with discretion.

// => Listing [ Submission { ... }, Submission { ... }, ... ]